Cæt Lab
: Exploring Language and Mind
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Cæt stands for Communication And Eye-Tracking.
The name is pronounced like the feline species, but that's just a fortunate coincidence. =^..^=

We are a group of researchers who work on psycholinguistics (the psychology of language), at the School of Psychology, University of Dundee, Scotland. The group is led by Dr Yuki Kamide, Lab Director.

We are also part of two research centres within the School: Language Research Centre (LaRC) and Centre for Occulomotor Research (Core).

Our main research interests centre around human language processing. In particular our research explores how people process language 'in context.' Language is often 'grounded' in a particular situation or context, and we try to work out how linguistic input/output interacts with such contexts, using various methodologies including eye-tracking techniques. More information about our research can be found